20. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

February 19, 2019

This week we talk to the creator of @momtribevibe Jessica who is a mom of 3 boys and a fellow close mom friend who I met through this podcast.  We talk about how she got started on her Instagram meme journey. We talk about what it feels like being a boy mom and the questions we get as boy moms about trying for a girl. We also talk about the difficulties of connecting with other moms or finding mom friends in real life, which often leads us to search for our mom tribe in the social media world. We end the show with a fun drinking game parenting addition. 


19. Dad Like That

February 12, 2019

This week we have our first dad on the show! Film and TV producer Joseph Tito comes on the show to talk to us about his surrogacy journey and how he became a single dad to twin girls. We talk about his journey from when he decided he wanted kids and how he's doing with his girls today. We touch up on challenges he faced as a single gay man with surrogacy in Canada, which led him to go to Kenya to find a surrogate for his girls. We shed brief light to laws and legislation in Canada that are outdated and created hindrance for him in his journey to become a dad. Follow along with Joseph on Instagram with @thedaddiaries.ca or find him on his website www.thedaddiaries.com





18. Sex Talk for Moms

February 4, 2019

This week we are talking to founder of Flirty Girl Guide Brooke Christian all things related to sex, sex toys and date nights with our husbands. We talk about feeling sexy as a mom and the things you can do when that confidence in yourself is low. This episode does not need a lot of description and details, but it's one you want to tune into for all the tips on how to spice up your sex life - because kids can make it rough. You have all the tips on how to include sex toys in the bedroom and how to keep things exciting especially for yourself. If you've ever felt uncomfortable broaching this topic out loud, don't worry. We are answering a lot of your burning questions on this!


17. Lets Talk, Maternal Mental Health Awareness

January 29, 2019

This week we are talking with guest Jen Schwartz, the founder of Motherhood Understood about Maternal Mental Health Awareness. We talk about Jen's journey with Postpartum Depression and how she got help. We discuss how the stigma around Maternal Mental Health still exists and that there aren't enough resources to prepare and educate moms to be about the possibility to being hit by some form of PPD. We talk about how Jen is creating a community to help moms have this conversation and realize that we are not alone. Lastly, we also raise awareness around Bell Lets Talk Day (in Canada), a day focused on raising funds and helping reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

Jen Schwartz is the medicated mommy who picked up the debris left by postpartum depression and anxiety and created MOTHERHOOD-UNDERSTOOD, a platform for the 1 in 7 moms affected by maternal mental health issues and the community she couldn’t find while struggling in a dark closet all by herself after the birth of her son. Jen gives permission slips to women who aren’t exactly enamored with their new role as mommy, so they can allow themselves to be the most real and honest versions of themselves. She helps them empathize, share, and connect with others who speak their language—moms who understand that new mommy life isn’t always the way it looks on Instagram. Jen is committed to shining the light on the darkest of places, where maternal mental health taboos have been hiding out, trying to make us believe that we are not enough and all alone. Jen is a writer, speaker, and influencer whose work and commentary has been featured all over the mommy blogosphere and on popular websites like Forbes, Bustle, The Mighty, Healthline, The Bump, Pop Sugar Moms, Scary Mommy, CafeMom and more. Recently, 2020 Moms named Jen their 2019 Blue Dot Project National Spokeswoman and Inspire partnered with her to create and run their maternal mental health online community forum. Though she will always consider herself a New Yorker, Jen now lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Jason, tiny human Mason, and fur baby Harry Potter. 


16. Leaving the 9 to 5 and Re-Imagining Your Success

January 22, 2019

This week we talk to guest Anna Lundberg about her journey leaving the corporate world to find her passion and redefine what success looks like and means to her. We talk about how getting coaching changed her perspective and helped her find what she loves doing today. We talk about how to use transferable skills you've learned through your experiences and the corporate world to build something for yourself. Anna also gives tips to those looking to leave the corporate world to do something new. Lastly, Anna also reveals something exciting that is coming her way this year with all the listeners of the show.

Anna Lundberg is the founder of One Step Outside, where she helps people around the world build businesses and create a lifestyle that allows them an unimagined sense of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. Since leaving her corporate job in 2013, she’s now reimagining what success looks like and she’s passionate about inspiring and supporting others to do the same.


15. Finding Success and What Holds Women Back

January 15, 2019

This week we are are talking to Dr. Cortney Baker about finding success in your journey and career paths and what holds women back from conquering the glass ceiling. We talk about Cortney's journey, her top selling book, what holds women back, how to find support along the way and how to start reaching your goals - the ones that you have been dreaming of.

Dr. Cortney Baker is a nationally recognized authority on women’s leadership, award-winning entrepreneur, CEO, host of the podcast Conquering the Glass Ceiling, researcher, best-selling author, corporate trainer, and highly sought-after speaker. She’s been featured on FOX News, iHeart Radio, Huffington Post, Forbes, and numerous other publications.


14. Self Care with Doña Bumgarner

January 8, 2019

This week we talk to Life Coach Doña Bumgarner about how moms can un-schedule their lives to make time for things they love and time for self care. We talk about automating things in your week to free up time mentally and physically. We talk about how younger moms struggle with trusting their intuition more than moms who are older and why this happens. We talk about how to trust ourselves more as parents. We talk about what self care means and how Doña took steps to make changes in her life and what Terri's journey in making a chance looks like at the moment. Lastly Doña gives tips to moms embarking on a new journey especially as mompreneurs.


13. Resolutions to Make and Break

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year Listeners! We are starting the year off on a light and funny note. This episode takes you through a few resolutions that were made last year but got broken in 2018. We also talk about other resolutions moms are making this year which will also get broken. We share Terri's most embarrassing resolution which will have you laughing and saying WTF for sure. Lastly, we give you one serious resolution to focus on; YOU. See you weekly in 2019!


12. Finding Balance in Your Life

December 11, 2018

This week's episode goes over a commonly asked question by all moms; how to find time to do everything on your list. We talk about how balancing your life is a myth. We talk about building a relationship with yourself, finding friends to talk to and share some tips on tackling your to do list. 


11. A DIY Christmas with Brianna Heida

December 4, 2018

This week we talk to guest Brianna Heida about all things Christmas and how she makes Christmas magical for her family. We discuss going through Christmas as a single mom as well as navigating the holidays in a blended family. We also talk about Pinterest and Instagram projects and how to successfully try them especially during the holidays. Brianna and I discuss the magic of Santa and how older kids become part of the secret and creating the magic for their younger siblings. Brianna also shares some of her own holiday traditions that you will want to make yours as well!