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We Are In Bonus Land

Welcome to the first bonus episode on the podcast. In this episode, host and creator Terri (that's me!) provides some updates on what's been happening in her life. I talk about going back to work, the impact it will have on my family and how I will cope. I also talk about the guilt that comes with this transition and what the new "new" will look like. 

A lot of podcast supporter questions are also being answered. Such as, will I have more kids? Am I heading to the strip club? What is my favorite podcast? What is the future of this podcast? 

This episode is short, sweet, light and fun but you will finally get answers to some of the questions you've had about me and the podcast in general.

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Mom Flash Mobs

This week on the podcast we have Toronto's fun and famous resident Lisa Colalillo aka Lisa in the City on the show. We talk to Lisa about how she started her Instagram account, about owning her own real estate business and being on a reality TV show on HGTV. We also talk about how making funny videos has helped her real estate business.

We discuss with Lisa, whether you should start a business or not if your goal is flexibility. We talk about her flash mob at Ikea and the house party she hosted to bring people from her Instagram community together to build a fun real life community, and to build fast and deep connections with women who are yearning for a space that's not judgmental.

We also talk to Lisa about the importance of having fun and taking things lightly when mom life is so hard on us already.

We also talk about real tips and things to consider when buying a house with a family. Lisa also gives a big tip for a must have room or space in the house that many people don't consider. 

Lisa is a fun mompreneur, a real estate agent in Toronto, Canada where she took a major risk in a serious industry, to bring trust and value to people who are looking to buy a house. 

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26. A Whole Brain Child Review

This week, we invited Auroosa back on the show to co-host the episode and review with Terri one of their favourite parenting books; The Whole Brain Child by neuroscientist Daniel J. Seigel and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson. 

The Whole Brain Child is a best selling parenting book, packed with multiple strategies to help parents nurture their child's developing mind. We talk about what we loved about the book and how we applied it with our kids. We discuss the key takeaways from our perspective from the book that would be beneficial to our audience, along with taking up some of the examples and theories shared in the book. 

We talk about how the book helps parents take away difficult parenting times and turn them into teachable moments and how to help your child use the different parts of their brain to work together. Within this, we discuss how to integrate the left and right brain as well as the upstairs and downstairs brain to work together as a whole. 

We also look at how traumas can be discussed with your children in age appropriate ways, as explained by the authors. 

One of the examples we share from our personal lives is Terri and her son's experience with learning about Momo, and how she used the learnings from this book to help guide her son into navigating stress that's created by the Momo discovery. 

Lastly, we announce a giveaway that's coming out this week with a signed book that Dr. Tina Bryson graciously gave to the podcast, to be given to one of the listeners.

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If you are interested in purchasing this book, the book is available at any major book seller (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo).

25. Raising my Transgender Son

This week we are talking to Nicole from Mom Transparenting about raising her 5 year old transgender son. We talk to Nicole about when she found out that her son is transgender, how he came out to her, what steps they took since then to ensure he had the support he needed to transition and what life is like for them now. We get into details about how Nicole felt throughout the process, how she connected with her son and even the type of questions she faces about raising her son. 

Nicole is a divorced mom of 3 who started her blog as a way to share her journey of raising a young transgender child. She covers everything from parenting humor to divorce to single-parenthood and beyond. Her writing has been featured on Scary Mommy, Fairygodboss, Today’s Parenting Team, Today Parents, That’s Inappropriate, Sammiches & Psych Meds and more. Nicole’s mission is to connect with other parents, especially parents of trans kids, because supporting and accepting trans youth is a matter of life and death. 
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24. Accidental Super Mom

This week we are talking to Erin De Boer about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Erin has a son who was diagnosed with T1D when he was only 21 months old. We talk to Erin about her adjustments at home as a mom to someone with T1D, the changes she had to make, the impact of T1D on her as a mom and life for her son and how she manages it all. We talk about her daily routine, the products and medicines available to her and what it feels like to be constantly monitoring to make sure her son stays alive.

We also play a fun parenting game at the end which you will love.

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Erin has also been featured on Scary Mommy, Sammiches & Psych Meds, Life of a Diabetic, The Diabetic Journey, and HuffPost Funniest Parent Tweets.

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